@o-taiyou i just need him to not wear the first out fit. the hoodie is okay though he looks like he’s dtw in a laundry mat bathroom

and sasuke…i see him just getting more feminine as he gets older???????? must just be me

@narusasu-simblr long hair sasuke needs a pony tail imo and oh a bun or a take on the traditional mage bun thingy??? IDK 


i’m in favor of a freaking sidecut

or just shave it all off, get a buzzcut/ don’t let naruto’s hair take the spotlight, sasuke, top him!

as long as the middle part stays dead forever i will be happy

Couldn't you report that art reposter to the instagram admins of whoever is in charge so they can delete their stuff or ban the user?

ASKED BY Anonymous.

i don’t even have ig account and my phone won’t handle it, if there is another way to make an account and report please share

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who the fuck are you and why are you stealing edits and fanarts


[16/30] Naruto Challenge {X}

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this program was created by the devil………..i’m tired of messing with these so here (ref)

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i love it but i hate it

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the fact that elf sasuke is a real thing in itself is… incredible… and i’ve been meaning to draw him for a while *_*

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a troll in any universe

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