Happy Birthday Sasuke! 07/23


anime redraw

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Oh, cute little boy ! *pinch his cheeks*

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Madara’s first Katon!

i just spent money on actual naruto manga
don’t make the same mistake as me


Just wanted to see how he looked with short hair 8D

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Narutopedia > Original Team 7 
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You’ve been my goal. I had nothing but I built bonds in Team 7, with you and Sakura. I wanted to be strong and cool like you , that’s why I kept chasing after you. I am really glad I met you.

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Hello. This is her brother, Johnny!


My sister is fine. She’s being hospitalized for her wounds. Just thought I’d let everyone know since we got many calls from the police station and one specific call from a staff member. I apologize for the worry on her behalf.

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